Useful information

Useful information and tips for visitors to the Colosseum

Are guided tours or audio guides available?

To enjoy the visit we recommend an audio guide or a guided tour to learn all the secrets of the Colosseum. Inside the archaeological site there is no detailed information and there is the risk of taking the classic photos but not learning its history.

Respect the Colosseum

Access to areas closed to the public is forbidden, you must only follow the paths open to the public and do not lean over parapets and railings.

It is strictly forbidden to engrave your name in the most famous monument in Rome. The fine for those who ruin this asset of historical and artistic interest ranges from € 1000 to € 3000.
Better to take a photo as a souvenir.

How to dress to visit the Colosseum?

The use of suitable footwear is recommended; Flip-flops and heels are not recommended.

If you visit the Colosseum in the summer, it is recommended to use a hat and a bottle of water because the visit will be all under the sun and the heat of the capital will be felt.

Clothing appropriate to the place is required and formal dresses, masks and costumes are not allowed.

Avoid rip-offs

Outside the Colosseum you will be stopped by vendors of everything and "assaulted by gladiators", men dressed as gladiators who will offer to take a picture with you but who will want € 10. Stay away.

If after your visit to the Colosseum you are hungry, we advise you not to stop in the first restaurant that happens to you but always check the menu before entering and if you prefer something faster and cheaper we recommend the classic pizza by the slice.

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